An Anthem for When You Need to Reclaim Your Life

No more tiptoeing

Let the Beast awake

Let it see what I've been hiding, my wings and my sword

Let the Beast awake

Not for slaying or for shaming

But for truth that no longer hesitates

No more tiptoeing, no more lying

It's time for the Beast to wake

For the Beast is more a human

And the fear it pulses a ruse

Let the light reflect the shadows

Take back the power naively placed

No more quiet steps - you'll hear me

With my eyes much more clear

Let the Beast awake

My heart still calls your name

But now it's simply an offer

Will you shed your fur and armor

Will you take my outstretched hand

I'll linger for your answer

But my wings will not still

And my sword will keep on gleaming

I was once asleep

But my heart now beats aware

So, no more tiptoeing

For I am fully awake!