Writing & Editing: What I do

I was an English major in college which means that I'm used to having an interest and experience in a field/study that can feel nonspecific and evolve into about a million different things. Similarly, when I share that I am the owner of a writing and editing business, I usually get a neutral nod from whomever I'm talking to because most of us have some sort of concept of what that means, even if we have no idea what that actually looks like.

1. Editing

There are a lot of different types of editing that fall under the general editing umbrella. I won't include them all because it can be confusing (even for professionals), but I will list the types that I generally do.

  • Content/Structural Edit: Flow of the plot, development of characters, themes, language used, overall tone

Examples of work I've done: Novels, Short Stories, Blog Posts, Book Proposals

  • Copy/Proofreading Edit: Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation

Examples of work I've done: Training Manuals, Website Content, Employee Handbooks, Blog Posts

2. Writing

If we are honest, we are all writers to some degree. Those of us who identify as writers do so because we love it, we are good at it and/or we can't help it. Here are the main types of writing I do.

  • Blogging: Different formats, different goals, different lengths of content

Examples of work I've done: Let's Be Honest (my personal blog), Life with My Little (guest posts)

  • Copywriting: Writing driven towards helping clients and customers better understand a brand or company

Examples of work I've done: Zest Juice, Co.

  • Articles: Written with specific audience in mind, about a specific theme, event or experience (with or without outside sources)

Examples of work I've done: Motherly, HuffPost, The Village Magazine

3. Author Coaching

Having an idea and getting it down on paper, your Notes app or Word document are two very different things. I have been working with writers who have big ideas and just need some structure and guidance on how to move forward.

Do you need a little help in any of the areas above? I'd seriously love for you to email me so we can talk about it. Click here so we can connect!

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