Let's Be Honest: What to Expect


You may know a lot or a little about me at this point. In case you haven't traveled around my website much, here's me in a nutshell.

I am committed to honest life sharing as I navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship.

I value words immensely, so much so that if I can't find the right word(s), I have a hard time explaining myself because needing the precise word to explain the moment, the feelings, the environment, etc. really matters to me.

Words matter because we use words to convey stories and stories change everything.

The more I work on the writing of others, the more I itch to write myself.

I listened to an episode of Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast's this summer in which Glennon Doyle was a guest. Gilbert asked Glennon about how and why she started blogging. Her response was essentially that she found her sobriety through sharing honestly and bravely daily. Writing helped heal her. She forced herself to hit the publish button on her blog posts every day, releasing her word-vomit into the world and not allowing herself to fret over how it would be received.

If that's not brave and impressive than I don't know what is.

Honesty - Openness - Connection

If you stick around, that's what you will find here, friend.

Let's be brave together!