Why You Should Be in an Instagram Pod

What started as a desire to find my audience by increasing followers and engagement turned into finding a sisterhood of writers and encouragers.

Here are the reasons you should be in an Instagram Pod:

1. Instagram is CONSTANTLY changing.

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to constantly Google the ever-evolving algorithms of Instagram. Being in a group ups your chances for hearing about changes - more ears to the ground. Having a group that's committed to raising one another up and keeping one another informed is so helpful!

2. Engagement really is more than likes on a post.

My Pod members are the first to comment on what I publish to my feed. They get the conversation started and keep it going. I can count on them to show up and care.

3. You get a regular view of how and what other "Grammers" are posting.

Not sure what you are doing? A Pod is a good place to start! Being a part of a Pod means you are regularly posting on the members' content. That means you see it all. You see different writing styles, picture layouts and levels of creativity. Learn from what you see and find ways to make it your own. We all inspire one another.

4. You have a built-in community for when you have questions or concerns.

From handling a weird Insta follower to wondering which magazines are taking submissions, my group is there and ever ready to answer any of my questions or worries. Bonus: when people in your Pod live in different locations all over the U.S./world, you have an even better chance to have friends answer you, even at super random times of the day.

5. You have a chance to build REAL, lasting relationships.

Some of the ladies I've met in my Pod will be a part of my circle for (hopefully) ever. They are some of my biggest supporters, the quickest to applaud and encourage me. I am forever grateful for their support and advice!

I'd love to hear if you are in a Pod and how the experience has been for you! Curious on how to get involved in one? Shoot me an email or comment below.