Just some thoughts on vacation . . .

Vacations seem to have this way of putting things into perspective. I often feel like I just can't relax enough, enjoy the moment enough, sleep enough, read enough or do enough of whatever I want to do unless I am on vacation. And it usually takes being on vacation to remind me that that is so totally untrue . . . mainly because I am lucky if even one of those things happen on vacation.

At first I bought in to the assumption that this was because now I'm a mom. I think it's just a distracted reassurance to assume that's the reason that vacations aren't the heaven I always sort of hope they will be. Because if I'm honest, vacations have NEVER been perfect. They weren't when I was a kid, single, married or now as a mama.

So, despite being reminded that vacation won't fix everything or always be epic, I did learn a couple helpful things on this trip.

1. Changing up your routine (even if simply doing the same-ish things somewhere else) is helpful.

A change of scenery is a highly underrated mood changer. As I said before, vacations aren't the be-all-end-all. If getting out town isn't an option for you, try adding something to your schedule. Can you go somewhere in your city you haven't explored yet or simply get outside more? That's something I want to put in my back pocket for when I'm itching for a vacation, but can't go anywhere.

2. You don't need to try to hold too tightly to the good moments, more will come.

I have a really hard time with this. I would be sitting at the pool reading when I would have this sudden panic that I wasn't appreciating the scenery enough. Then as I looked out at the pool, I would be annoyed because I really just wanted to be reading and maybe that's what I should be doing. Sounds sort of ridiculous, right? But that's where my mind is a lot of the time. This trip reminded me that's why we can't try to hold on to a moment too hard. We can trust that good ones will come again.

3. Home really is sweet.

The night we got home, I didn't move an inch all night. I'm grateful for the reminders of how much I love my home and community. I really do think we get an extra layer of appreciation for home when we leave it for a bit.

4. Good food doesn't have to be saved for special days.

I love thinking about vacation food. Satisfying sandwiches, salty chips, fresh fruit and always some sort of gummy candy. This year was the first year I was less afraid to enjoy my food on vacation. Since I've been learning to choose foods that I enjoy in my normal routine, it made it easier to do the same on vacation. Fist pump for progress!