3 (quick) tips for better writing

writing tips.jpg

No matter what you do, you are interacting with words. You may not write them as often as I do, but at some point, you will probably have to sit down and type something up. Whether you are a blogger or the owner of a plumbing company, here's some helpful tips.

1. Keep trendy language to a minimum.

"That's so fleek!"

"Your advertising is on point."

Being relevant is important, but staying relevant is a whole other beast. Feel free to use trendy words for print material that's quickly distributed or for easily changeable interfaces. Website content you can easily access and social media posts are great places to use language that really pops.

2. Consistency is the name of the game.

"I love chocolate, fresh pineapple and popcorn." 

"I love chocolate, fresh pineapple, and popcorn."

Pick a style and stick with it. If you are putting a comma before "and" in a list, you have to keep it up throughout the whole document. I could make a case for almost any grammar rule, so don't feel too worried about choosing which style. Just make sure you choose.

3. This isn't your mother's language arts class.

"Because things evolve."

"And that's a good thing."

Things have really changed within the writing world. There is a lot more room for personality and personal preferences in how you create content. You CAN start sentences with "because," "and" or "but." Although it is still okay to double space after a period, it's way more common to see single spacing. So although it's important to be consistent, it's also okay to break some of the old rules.

Writing is extremely dynamic. Even though there's a structure, there's also a lot of room for flexibility. Write on!