5 Things: June Edition

My intention behind "5 Things" came from the fact that we all go through so many seasons with food, relationships, TV shows, spiritual growth, body movement, etc. I'm always curious what other people love and currently can't get enough of. Out of that curiosity (maybe also me being nosey and assuming you are too), came "5 Things." Each month, I am aiming to share the five things that are my current jam - from Netflix binges to work out videos, recipes to can't-put-it-down fiction.

1. Yoga with Adriene

I fought trying yoga pretty hard initially. I used to feel like my work outs needed to induce that gross drippy sweat and that out-of-breath feeling that makes you want to lie down and never get back up. Yoga is changing all that for me. I'm learning that most days what I really need is an intentional slowness that moves my body in awareness and care. But don't be fooled by the speed of the work out, holding and breathing into those legit poses still makes you sweat and wobble.

Adriene is this spunky, kind of dorky and totally lovable yoga instructor that puts up a free video once a week on her YouTube page. There's a ton of variety in her videos and options for beginners and experts.

Here are few of my favorites:

2. Peanut Butter

Guys, I have been here, there and everywhere with peanut butter. I didn't like it AT ALL growing up. Once I hit college, something switched in me and I couldn't get enough of it. I started off with Jiffy and all its sugary-ness. Once I had my fill, I realized natural PB is really more my jam (not to be confused with really jam, which is okay but not with my PB). I have been trying out Crazy Richard's Natural Peanut Butter lately, and it's making me really happy. I have been on a smoothie kick and am loving their powered option as an add in. They have a performance peanut powder boost that sounds pretty interesting too.

3. Nutrition Matters Podcast

If you've been following me for awhile, you'll know about my journey with food (If not, here's a post to get you caught up!). Something that has been helpful lately is listening to podcasts that focus on body positivity. Paige's podcast discusses a wide variety of topics within nutrition and health. It is also okay tiny-ear approved, which is a big perk in my house since I like listening to podcasts with my daughter throughout the day.

4. Qalo Ring

My husband got me this for my birthday, and I seriously love it! Maybe a little to my husband's chagrin, I wear it almost every day now. From wearing it on a run, at the pool or out running errands, I love that I don't have to worry about messing up the precious engagement and wedding bands I have. And no, this is no an ad! I honestly just love my ring. And it's pretty awesome that it's economically priced so if I lose it, oh well!

I'm also a little bummed because now they have these fun stackable options. They may be added to my birthday list . . .

5. Southern Charm

This girl can't get enough of this Bravo TV reality show right now! There's a quote in a book I'm reading right now about reality TV that made me feel a little less silly for watching it.

" I think there's a trend toward wanting to see real people with a hint of fantasy. And viewers want positivity. Take the Kardashians. Yes, there's a lot of drama and extreme wealth and jet-setting and celebrity. But what's the take away from every episode? At the end of the day, they're still a family. No matter what."  The Wedding Sisters - Jamie Brenner

No, I don't think that Southern Charm is necessarily about family, but it sure is about friendship . . . with a lot of fun, drinks and chaos thrown in. If you are looking for a guilty pleasure, it's your show!

What are your favorite things right now? What's the stuff you just keep coming back to over and over again? Leave them in the comments below!