5 Things: August Edition

My intention behind "5 Things" came from the fact that we all go through so many seasons with food, relationships, TV shows, spiritual growth, body movement, etc. I'm always curious what other people love and currently can't get enough of. Out of that curiosity (maybe also me being nosey and assuming you are too), came "5 Things." Each month, I am aiming to share the five things that are my current jam - from Netflix binges to work out videos, recipes to can't-put-it-down fiction.

1. The Fitness Marshall

Guys, The Fitness Marshall videos are pretty much the best thing ever! Caleb, fellow holding the cake down there, is a hoot and a half. He teaches you all the dance moves as it goes. Some of the choreographer is harder than others, but all of it makes you bring out your inner Beyoncé (Beware that you don't go all out right out of the gate - that's how I tweaked my lower back).

Below are some of the songs I just keep coming back to. If they make you want to dance your heart out, check out more videos on Youtube. (FYI - Some aren't PG.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband likes to joke around that I never make the same recipe twice, and . . . it's sort of true. But, I have been loving this chocolate chip cookie recipe recently. I'm a sucker for any recipe with brown and white sugar. I think it makes the cookies extra yummy. That being said, I'm always looking for others, especially for a thicker cookie option. (Just don't tell the hubs - haha.)

3. The West Wing

I jumped on the "House of Cards" bandwagon when it came out. I hid my eyes and cringed through my curiosity. If that was you, then The West Wing is for you. It shows you a much more idealistic view of the Oval Office with a fun cast that you will learn to love. It's a little depressing that the issues they are dealing with from '99-06 are the same as they are now, but I choose to overlook that for the sake of my sanity.

It's available on Netflix, and there are seven seasons. Yes, that's right - SEVEN! Happy watching!

4. The Courage to Change

This isn't the prettiest book, but it sure has been helpful to my soul this past month. Codependency is a nasty, little sneak. It's a shadow that does the total opposite of what Peter Pan's does. I'm trying to be more honest, show up and take life one day at a time.

"I had undergone some unhealthy changes as I attempted to cope with the disease of alcoholism. These changes had occurred so slowly and subtly that I had not been aware of them."
"There is much to learn from the past, but I cannot allow past hurts to smolder and destroy today. Instead, I can ask my Higher Power to help me use my experiences to move forward and to make healthier, more loving choices than ever before."

5. A Hundred Summers

A lovely, little friend (Mindy Kayls) suggested this book, and I ate it up! It's a period fiction that jumps back and forth between two time frames in Lily Dane's life. It's witty, interesting and worth your time! (If you like it, let me know and I will recommend more!)